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Marokopa Waterfalls and Mangapohua Bridge


Driving past the Waitomo Caves, after about 30 km you’ll find signs for Marokopa Falls and Mangapohue Natural Bridge. They’re a short drive apart from each other and both require a short walk to reach them. Marokopa Falls is one of the prettiest falls you'll see in New Zealand's North Island. The 35 meter high falls tumble onto massive rocks. Mangapohua Natural Bridge is really less a bridge and more a really high tunnel. Over centuries, Mangapohua River slowly ate its way through a Limestone rock, leaving a very impressive high arch. You can’t walk over it but you can walk through it and along the river. We’ve been told that there are quite a few glowworms to see at night, so go check out the natural bridge both during day and night if you've got the time.